The 3 Ways Phoenix Home Buyers Can Properly Research a Home Before Walking Through

The 3 Ways Phoenix Home Buyers Can Properly Research a Home Before Walking Through

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Phoenix Home BuyersHome buying is a labor-intensive process.  This means that Phoenix home buyers should not walk into a house unprepared.  The process starts long before they step foot into the house of their dreams.

Savvy Phoenix home buyers will use their online resources to learn more about the house well in advance.  With that in mind, there are three great ways to learn more about a Phoenix house before doing a walk-through.  A little research goes a long way to save a buyer time when looking at hundreds of houses.


An important part of owning a Phoenix home is knowing everything that has been done to it.  If the home has gone through multiple owners it can be hard to learn about the house. The current owners may disclose all the work that they have completed, but they may not know about the work that the previous owner did.

Thankfully, finding the property’s building records is easy.  Simply search building records and the name of the city that the house is located in.  This will direct a buyer to a website that will have the records for that area and they can learn more about the structure of their potential home.

Look At The Property Before Visiting

It can be hard for Phoenix home buyers  to find the time to go look at properties in person.  A good way to get a feel for a Phoenix house is to use the Google Street View to get a preview of the outside of the out and the neighborhood.  It is a fantastic tool that is easy to use and only needs the user to search the desired address.

But Phoenix home buyers will want to keep in mind that while it can be helpful in learning more about an area, it is not always up to date.  Some of the photos that are available were taken before updates were completed. The house may be in better or worse condition depending on what happened since the photo was taken.

Find an App

There are apps that can be downloaded on phones or a tablet that let people track the crime in an area.  These apps are great for assessing how safe a Phoenix neighborhood is without needing to visit it. They will report on many different crimes like theft and even noise complaints.  Serious crimes are tracked as well include assaults, location of sex offenders, and homicides.

Using this app can help Phoenix home buyers locate the safe areas of a town versus the unsafe ones.  In some areas, crime can be different just a couple streets over. While it is not ideal to live close to an area that has a lot of crime it is good to know what to expect once moving in.  Buyers who are moving from a long distance away can use crime apps to help them determine what type of city they are moving to, as well.

When searching for a home, many Phoenix home buyers see multiple properties.  Some may even see over fifty or one-hundred houses before they find the right one.  

Researching houses beforehand can help to reduce the number of homes that are walked through by eliminating them from the list due to either safety, desirability, or even problems with building permits.  

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