8 Ways First-Time Scottsdale Home Buyers Can Ruin Their Search

8 Ways First-Time Scottsdale Home Buyers Can Ruin Their Search

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First-Time Scottsdale Home BuyersThere is no better way to learn about a process than doing it.  Learning on the job can be beneficial because it saves the person time that they would have spent researching the subject.  However, there are some instances where a little knowledge beforehand helps greatly. Buying a house is a process that many first-time Scottsdale home buyers learn about as they do it. This can lead to many errors on their part which can make the process a lot less fun and a lot more expensive.

It Is The “One”

First-time Scottsdale home buyers are often swept up in the idea of buying their perfect home.  Few find a home that hits all the marks, but those that do often fall in love.

Getting too attached to one Scottsdale house can lead to serious disappointment.  There is not guarantee that the owner will accept an offer.

When this happens, first-time Scottsdale home buyers are left heart broken and looking for a house that measures up to the one that got away.  To avoid this feeling, first-time Scottsdale home buyers should look at many homes at once. While it is great to like a house, keep looking at other homes.  It is not as hard of a blow if there are other potential houses to move on to when an offer is rejected.

No Strings Attached

There are those first-time Scottsdale home buyers who want to venture into homeownership so they have complete freedom over their property.  Even though a person may be purchasing a home, that does not mean there will not be restrictions. There are homeowner’s associations to deal with along with deed restrictions.  Research a Scottsdale property well before buying into an area that does not allow for changes.

The More Money The Better

Never stop saving money.  Having a decent down payment is the start to having a smooth transition into Scottsdale homeownership.  However, there are many other costs to buying a house. Be sure to set aside a good chunk of money for the closing costs on the house as well.

After the Scottsdale house is purchased the mortgage payments will start.  To make sure there are never any problems with paying the mortgage have at least three months of the payments saved back.  This money should only be dipped into in emergencies.

Besides this savings, try to have three to six months of the household’s typical expenses saved as well.  This helps to add security to the finances in the event someone loses their job or there are unexpected expenses.

An Unprepared Offer

Making an offer on the Scottsdale house is the first step into buying it.  To make sure the seller accepts the offer, get pre-approved.

A pre-approval from a lender will state that they will fund the buyer in the event they find a home to purchase.  This tells the seller that the offer is serious and will not fall through in the last second.

Too Low of a Down Payment

Having a down payment that is at least twenty percent of the Scottsdale home’s value will greatly benefit the first-time home buyers.  A loan that is obtained with less than twenty percent down will need private mortgage insurance. This is just another added cost on top of the mortgage until the mortgage is below eighty percent of the home’s value.

Check With Insurance Agents

Having the perfect Scottsdale house in a bad location can cost a person a lot of money in insurance costs.  Always talk with an insurance agent to know what the costs of owning that home may be.

Check It Twice

A person’s credit score will determine if they are eligible for a loan and what interest rate a lender may offer them.  Be aware that there are often errors on a person’s credit score. Especially, if they have not tracked their score previously.  Check the report and correct any errors to ensure the score is at its best before applying for a loan.

Inspect the Home

Inspecting the Scottsdale home goes beyond walking through the property.  A professional inspection is needed to make sure there are no large problems with the house.  

Any problems that an inspector sees can be taken care of by the homeowner or the buyer can ask for a credit to help fix the problems once they move in.  

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