“Almost” Counts in Horseshoes!

“Almost” Counts in Horseshoes!

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I heard a joke once that if you play a country song backwards you get your girlfriend back, your truck back, your dog back… all the sad country lyrics come back to you.    I feel like some of my 2017 year was like a sad country song but, at least my dog didn’t run away.  Although I won’t get some things “back” that happened in 2017, I realize this is just life, and you must have the good with the bad.  The events of the New Year can bring about new resolutions, goals, aspirations, ideas, growth, dreams.  It’s like playing the lottery.  Before the numbers are drawn you can imagine all the ways you could spend that money.  The dream is fun.  New Years can be like that.  You can dream of all the ways you’re going to change, all the resolutions you’re going to make, you can be determined on how, “things are going be different this year….”

What happens to those dreams, goals, resolutions?  How do we let habits of not staying committed continue to plague us?

The daily WordPress prompt today is Almost.

“I almost made it….”

“I almost accomplished it….”

“I almost went….”

“I almost joined…”

Almost isn’t finishing.  Almost is just that, almost.  It’s not complete.   Almost would count in hand grenades and horseshoes but almost doesn’t count in accomplishing a goal, resolution or dream.   It’s an exciting time of year if you let it be.  Pick a goal, dream, resolution- make it small, accomplish-able and something you can be accountable to.   Don’t almost do it, almost accomplish it or almost give it some effort.

YOUR business, BEING your own boss, STARTING something new, PUTTING. YOURSELF. COMPLETELY. OUTTHERE. Can be scary, exciting, challenging!  Is it going to be hard and probably suck at times? YES!  Might you feel defeated, let down and frustrated, sometimes?  YES!  Might you almost want to give up?  Probably!  But don’t let yourself!!  Don’t make this almost a great year!  Make it the BEST year!


Cheers to a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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