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6 Misconceptions That People Spread About a Glendale Down Payment

Posted by Scott Quinn // June 25, 2018

Down Payment

When thinking about buying a Glendale house many people worry about the down payment.  A down payment can be hard to get. Depending on the amount being borrowed, the amount needed for the down payment can vary greatly.  Starting to save as soon as possible will help with this process, but there are many rumors […]

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8 Ways First-Time Scottsdale Home Buyers Can Ruin Their Search

Posted by Scott Quinn // June 11, 2018

First-Time Scottsdale Home Buyers

There is no better way to learn about a process than doing it.  Learning on the job can be beneficial because it saves the person time that they would have spent researching the subject.  However, there are some instances where a little knowledge beforehand helps greatly. Buying a house is a process that many first-time […]

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What Glendale Home Buyers Need to Know About Buying as Interest Rates Increase

Posted by Scott Quinn // May 14, 2018

Glendale Home Buyers

To the benefit of Glendale home buyers, the real estate market experienced record low mortgage interest rates over the past several years. Many people took advantage of buying during that time. Some homeowners were stuck in their house, waiting for it to sell before they could buy a new one and take advantage of the […]

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Housing Still The Best Investment Tool Of A Lifetime

Posted by Scott Quinn // January 27, 2016

Many people are still wondering whether or not real estate is one of the best investment strategies for long-term wealth building. Is investing in homes still a smart investment for the average individual? Is a home still the best investment of a lifetime for most Americans? If so, why are some pessimists still questioning the rebound […]

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