The Five Problems a Homeowner Does Not Need to Fix Before Selling Their Scottsdale Home

Posted by Scott Quinn // September 3, 2018

Selling Their Scottsdale Home

Everyone panics when they think of the long list of items they need to fix before selling their Scottsdale home.  Real estate agents and inspectors make Scottsdale homeowners nervous when they say they want the house to be in pristine condition to get a top dollar offer.  Even though many items do need to be […]

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Budgeting Tips to Help Phoenix Home Buyers

Posted by Scott Quinn // August 20, 2018

Phoenix Home Buyers

When it comes time to make a purchase, Phoenix home buyers need to make sure they have their finances in order. This means taking the time and putting plenty of thought into the budget that works. To help Phoenix home buyers get started, here are some budgeting tips to take into consideration. Get your finances […]

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4 Simple Steps for Glendale Home Sellers to Get a House Ready to Sell

Posted by Scott Quinn // August 6, 2018

Glendale Home Sellers

So you’re thinking of selling your Glendale house. Most of the real estate markets all around the country are doing well this year for sellers. However, if you want to jump on the bandwagon, there’s some work that Glendale home sellers needs to get done. If you’re thinking of selling your Glendale house, work through […]

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How Scottsdale Home Sellers Prevent Their Home from Selling

Posted by Scott Quinn // July 23, 2018

Scottsdale Home Sellers

It is a great time for Scottsdale home sellers looking to sell a house.  In some areas, Scottsdale sellers are seeing a sale as soon as they go on the market.   That being said, this does not mean it will be the case for every Scottsdale seller.  Even though the market can be favorable […]

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The 3 Ways Phoenix Home Buyers Can Properly Research a Home Before Walking Through

Posted by Liz Quinn // July 9, 2018

Phoenix Home Buyers

Home buying is a labor-intensive process.  This means that Phoenix home buyers should not walk into a house unprepared.  The process starts long before they step foot into the house of their dreams. Savvy Phoenix home buyers will use their online resources to learn more about the house well in advance.  With that in mind, […]

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6 Misconceptions That People Spread About a Glendale Down Payment

Posted by Scott Quinn // June 25, 2018

Down Payment

When thinking about buying a Glendale house many people worry about the down payment.  A down payment can be hard to get. Depending on the amount being borrowed, the amount needed for the down payment can vary greatly.  Starting to save as soon as possible will help with this process, but there are many rumors […]

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8 Ways First-Time Scottsdale Home Buyers Can Ruin Their Search

Posted by Scott Quinn // June 11, 2018

First-Time Scottsdale Home Buyers

There is no better way to learn about a process than doing it.  Learning on the job can be beneficial because it saves the person time that they would have spent researching the subject.  However, there are some instances where a little knowledge beforehand helps greatly. Buying a house is a process that many first-time […]

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6 Keys to Sell Your Phoenix House Fast

Posted by Liz Quinn // May 28, 2018

Sell Your Phoenix House Fast

Are you ready to get out of your current Phoenix house and into the next one? If so, you are probably wondering how to sell your Phoenix house fast. The good news is most areas of the country are in a seller’s market. The even better news is there are a few things you can […]

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What Glendale Home Buyers Need to Know About Buying as Interest Rates Increase

Posted by Scott Quinn // May 14, 2018

Glendale Home Buyers

To the benefit of Glendale home buyers, the real estate market experienced record low mortgage interest rates over the past several years. Many people took advantage of buying during that time. Some homeowners were stuck in their house, waiting for it to sell before they could buy a new one and take advantage of the […]

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Scottsdale Homeowners: What to Do If Facing Foreclosure

Posted by Scott Quinn // April 30, 2018


No Scottsdale homeowners want to face a foreclosure. When Scottsdale homeowners are living paycheck to paycheck, it can be easy to get behind on bills. Not making mortgage payments is a red-flag to any lender and foreclosure is imminent. If a Scottsdale homeowner is facing problems with financing, they need to start preparing and communicating […]

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