How to Buy a Glendale House: The Process From Start to Finish

How to Buy a Glendale House: The Process From Start to Finish

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Buy a Glendale HouseThe process to buy a Glendale house is always changing.  Even buyers that are experienced in the process have to relearn how to have a successful sale.  Buyers and sellers alike have different ways they need to approach the situation. Focusing on finances, timing, location, and how to negotiate with the other party is important when it comes time to buy a Glendale house.  


Some buyers are able to buy a Glendale house with all cash.  However, most are going to use a lender and a mortgage to make an offer.  The buyer has to make sure they are able to find the funds to back up any offer they make on a Glendale house.  A buyer should find a reliable lender that will review their finances and decide if they will provide a loan or not.  

A Glendale buyer should focus on their credit score and current debts.  With this in mind, they should also consider what their best choice for a mortgage option is.  Some prefer a longer loan that will reduce their monthly payments while others prefer a shorter loan that allows them to pay more and pay off the loan sooner.

When a lender offers to provide a mortgage to a buyer they will attach an interest rate on their offer.  This interest rate will depend on many factors including the average rate at the time, the buyer’s credit score and their current debt-to-income ratios.  

Having a down payment is always desirable to a lender.  The larger the down payment the smaller the monthly payments.  If the down payment is hard for the Glendale buyer to get there are options.  Some lenders will offer grants to buyers to help them get a down payment.


Buyers who are just starting to look at Glendale houses worry about their timing.  There are times where more people have their houses for sale. But even though there are times there are more houses on the Glendale market, that does not mean that is the best time for the buyer to make a purchase.  A buyer must consider their finances and their personal situation.

Researching the Glendale Market

As you prepare to buy a Glendale house, you will want to first research the market. What is the current status? How quickly are homes selling? What are they selling for?

In addition to understanding the market, buyers should also take the time to create a list of their needs in a new home. By knowing what you need – along with what you want – you will put yourself in the best position to buy a Glendale house.

The Offer

Making an offer is a stressful moment.  Any areas that have few houses for sale will have a lot of competition between buyers.  Getting an offer in quick is vital if the buyer is serious about making a purchase. The best way to gain the attention of a seller is to provide a pre-approval letter showing that a lender will provide the buyer with a mortgage.

Sometimes adding in a letter about the buyer can be beneficial.  Talking about how much the buyer loves the Glendale home and what it would mean for their family to live in it will help the seller connect to the family.  At the same time this can serve to make it much harder to take a different offer.

The Final Offer

Eventually, the buyer will find the right Glendale house and negotiations will be over.  After the seller signs the purchase agreement it becomes a binding contract in which the buyer must follow through on their word.

Most buyers want an inspection and an appraisal before they make the purchase.  There are time limits for when these services need to be completed. Once the process is complete, it is time for the buyer to address any issue that they have and ask the seller to make repairs or provide a reduction in the price.  

The lender will concentrate on the appraisal.  They will want to know if the house matched the amount that is being offered.  If the house appraises for much less, they are not going to cover the difference.  It will be up to the buyer to find the extra funds or withdraw their offer, if possible.  Once everything has come back in the clear the buyer and seller can finally meet to close on the sale.

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