How to Determine What Your Glendale Home is Worth

How to Determine What Your Glendale Home is Worth

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How to Determine What Your Glendale Home is Worth

The question ‘what is my Glendale home worth?’ is a loaded one for sure. The answer to that question will have a different answer based on who you are asking.

Most Glendale sellers place a larger value on their house because their emotional memories are tied up within it. And, when it comes to buyers, the value they place on your house will depend upon whether or not they are interested in buying it. Those that are interested will think it has a higher worth than those that aren’t interested.

So, how are you supposed to decide what your Glendale home is worth?

Working with a Pro

This is where the expertise and experience of a real estate pro can come in handy. If you work with an agent that is familiar with your area, they will be able to help you find out the true market value of your house. Because they are not interested in buying your Glendale house and they don’t have memories in your house, they are able to remain unbiased in their information. And, they don’t make money until your house sells so it’s not in their interests to lie about the value.

Compare your Glendale house with recently sold comps

This step is much easier to do when you are working with a real estate agent. Your agent can pull a report of all the recently sold houses in your area. Then, they can help you compare your house to the ones that have sold.

The best Glendale houses to use as comps are the ones that are similar to your house. The closer they are to your house to more accurate the price comparison will be.

However, your agent will know how to make adjustments for the differences. For example, if your house is on a large corner lot and the comp is on a lot half your size your agent can help adjust the price to see how it would impact your house’s worth.

Remove your feelings

This is one of the hardest things to do as a Glendale seller, but you must remain objective if you want to find out the accurate value of your house. Keep in mind that no buyer is going to buy your memories. Keep the two separate as you work to price out your Glendale house.

Look at the current listings

Not only do you want to look at the Glendale houses that have recently sold but you’ll want to look at the houses that are currently on the Glendale market. These are the houses that your house is in direct competition with.

Determining an accurate Glendale home worth is crucial in your home selling process. If you price too high, it will delay the time it takes you to sell your house. If you price too low then you are losing money that could have been yours.

Glendale home sellers need to do your research and stay as unbiased as you can. When you pick the right asking price you will know by the immediate interest that buyers will show.

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