Disclosures Glendale Home Sellers Do Not Have to Make

Disclosures Glendale Home Sellers Do Not Have to Make

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Glendale Home Sellers

Disclosures Glendale Home Sellers Do Not Have to Make

Glendale home sellers cannot lie to a buyer about anything directly relating to the condition or nature of the sale if it will affect them.  However, telling a buyer the truth in every situation is not only unnecessary, but it can actually make it harder to sell the Glendale house.  

Home sellers should never try to lie about a problem with the home. Everything that a buyer may have to fix down the road needs to be disclosed.  But the buyer does not need to know the personal details of the Glendale home sellers and their life.


Every buyer wants to hear that their dream home is being sold by someone who is having money trouble.  As terrible is it is to admit this, it makes it so much easier to get a great deal on a Glendale house.

Buyers want to know that Glendale home sellers have to sell a house quickly.  This means they can make a lower offer and stay firm without worrying that the homeowner is going to reject the offer.  

Even if home sellers are selling because they cannot afford a Glendale house, they should simply express a desire for a different smaller home.  The buyer does not need to know that it is necessary for the homeowner to be able to afford their payments.


Finances and marriage go hand in hand during a sale.  Someone desperate to get out of a Glendale home due to a failing relationship or marriage will want to finish the sale quickly.  Buyers will latch onto this idea and start making low-ball offers to desperate home sellers.

While it is best to keep the homeowner’s relationship out of the equation there are some areas where legal proceedings like a divorce have to be disclosed to a buyer if it is happening at the same time as the sale.  Make sure to check the local requirements before attempting to hide a divorce.

Home Life

Not everyone is moving to go to a bigger and better Glendale house.  Some homes are being sold due to a death in the family, having just lost their job, or a serious personal reason. These are situations to keep to oneself.  

Some buyers will be sympathetic to a sensitive situation. Other buyers will be ruthless.  They will see home sellers who are going through a tough time and think that they can bully their way into a great price.  

Many times, these buyers are right.  Home sellers who are going through personal problems do not want to be caught up in attempting to sell a Glendale house and will often take a lower offer to get rid of the situation.

Bought Another House

No one wants to pay on two mortgages or even on two different utility bills for two Glendale homes.  Telling a buyer that the next home is already purchased is an indication that the homeowner is desperate to sell.

Once this happens, the low offers will come flying in.  

If talking about the next home, keep it vague.  Even if another house is nearing closing, Glendale home sellers should say they are still looking for their next house to purchase.

Lack of Interest

Never advertise that a house is not getting any offers. While they do not need to lie and say they are getting offers of exuberant amounts, they would talk about offers.  Simply saying that they are expecting an offer from an interested buyer is enough to get another buyer’s attention.

Telling the truth to a buyer is important if it pertains to the home. Talking about personal matters is an entirely different story.  

Glendale home sellers do not need to tell potential buyers everything about their personal life.  These personal matters can make it more difficult for the homeowner to sell and can lose them significant amounts of money when buyers make low offers that they cannot refuse.  

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