DIY Home Staging Techniques For Phoenix Home Sellers

DIY Home Staging Techniques For Phoenix Home Sellers

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Home Staging

DIY Home Staging Techniques For Phoenix Home Sellers

When planning to sell a house the most heard piece of advice that Phoenix home sellers receive is to stage their home. This is simple: staging is helpful while selling.  Doing so has been shown to bring in more offers and the offers can be closer to the asking price.

However, not all Phoenix home sellers have the cash on hand to hire a professional stager. But do not fret over needing professional.  There are plenty of ways Phoenix home sellers can stage their own home to save some money and still sell their house.

Focus on Natural Light

Never cover up windows.  Any room that has natural light should use it.  

That means it is time to take down those heavy curtains.  Do not simply pull them to the side. The only thing that should be left on a window is sheers or blinds.  

However, these should be completely open to let in the maximum amount of light possible.

Clean Sells

A room that everyone can be grossed out by is the bathroom.  It is uncomfortable to look at old towels and a dirty shower.

So get to work cleaning the bathroom top to bottom.  All grit and grime has to be out of there. And then replace everything with new white linens.  White towels, soap dishes, and even shower curtains will help a buyer feel like they are in a very clean room.

Small Touches in the Kitchen

A lot of Phoenix buyers want a new kitchen.  But that is a major cost to Phoenix home sellers.  

Instead of a full-on remodel of the kitchen, make it appear to be newer.  Update the light that is in the room. Old light fixtures collect dust and look dingy after a few years.  Take all knobs off cabinets and replace with new shiny ones.

These two simple updates will make the room feel new.

Light is Key

Natural light is preferred, but all lights should be on.  The lighter a room, the bigger it is going to appear.

Turn on every lamp and ceiling light to really open up a room.  This shows a buyer that everything in the house works and that the Phoenix home sellers are not trying to hide any blemishes under a cloud of darkness.

When turning on lights look out for any dark lampshades.  A dark lampshade may go with the décor in the room, but it makes everything look darker.  Instead, buy cheap white lampshades for the showing. It will keep the room brighter.

Avoid Art

Art is something that has a different meaning and feel to every person who views it.  Even the most simplistic art can be boring to buyers.

Instead of investing in art that may not jive with a buyer, put in a few mirrors.  This will help the room light up and still add that flare that is not there with an empty wall.

Do Not Use Rugs

Buyers always hate to see a rug over a floor or over carpeted areas.  Even if the rug is there to protect the floor underneath.

Roll the rug up for the showing.  People want to know that the rug is not hiding any blemishes on the floor.  Plus, many people love to see hardwood floors shine.

Dining Room Table

Anyone with a formal dining room should utilize it.  Setting the table helps a buyer imagine having family dinners there.  This is true even if they never have family dinners in their current home.  It is all about making the buyer dream about the house as a potential new home.  

Decor That is Metallic

If buying new décor pieces for a room, Phoenix home sellers should go bold.  Metallic pieces do not clash with other colors in the room that are natural colors, but they still add a bit of glamour to any room. They are similar to a mirror in that they do not distract from the rest of the room and yet they add a little bit of flare.  

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