Most favorite word EVER!

Most favorite word EVER!

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I don’t have any tattoo’s but if I did I would get the word PERSPECTIVE tattooed on my left wrist. Right there where I can see it all the time. Right there to remind me that everyone has their own PERSPECTIVE. Everyone has their own viewpoint, vantage point, idea, opinion, vision.  Everyone has their own perspective like everyone has their own “free will” to make their own choices.  Everyone sees things different!
I think life revolves around perspective. Their perspective on any given subject, event, situation, outlook is going to differ from mine. Sometimes they might be somewhat parallel but never the exact same. A different perspective!

I try to use this word a lot with my kids. They don’t like it at all – usually. But I try to point out the difference in perspective on any given situation but especially ones that are frustrating to them. Put yourself in the other persons shoes…try to see what they see….where are they coming from and what is their perspective. It’s respecting, listening, viewing – their opinions, ideas, beliefs, choices….. their perspective. We don’t have to agree with it or them but they have a right to their own vantage point…their own viewing…..their own reasoning….their own perspective.   We can all stand on the same cliff and look out over the edge but we’re all going to see different things, different views – different perspectives. Our position may be the same but our vantage point is different, our viewing and what we see (and want to see) will be our own. Our own perspective on what we see!

Perspective is such a beautiful word! – Full of ideas, possibilities, opinions, viewpoints, choices! What are you seeing?!

What is your PERSPECTIVE?!

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