Landscaping 101 Before You Sell- What’ Important and What’s Not?

Posted by Liz Quinn // May 6, 2021

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” I understand this statement, but I can honestly say I don’t think I like it. Imagine you get one shot when you first meet someone, go someplace, invite someone out, start a job, join a gym… any number of things. What if you’re having […]

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Lease to Own Real Estate: We Can Help

Posted by Scott Quinn // July 9, 2019

Credit problems plague people across the globe. These problems can lead to many other problems not limited to difficulty purchasing vehicles, getting jobs, opening checking accounts, and purchasing or renting a home. For those who are experiencing credit problems hope seems like a long lost commodity when it comes to the very American dream of […]

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Curb Appeal Matters When Selling Real Estate

Posted by Scott Quinn // June 18, 2019

First impressions matter most. This is one concept that many homeowners trying to sell their homes and first time property investors trying to sell or rent property fail to understand. Curb appeal is the first impression when it comes to a house. This is the place that you as an investor or seller want those […]

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Is an Inspection Really Necessary?

Posted by Scott Quinn // May 7, 2019

Small Scottsdale Home

One question that seems to be commonly asked among those who are interested in real estate investment, particularly in flipping properties, is whether or not a real estate inspection is really necessary. The long and short answer to that question is absolutely and I will do my best to explain exactly why this is so. […]

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Bringing Back the Beautiful!

Posted by Scott Quinn // March 7, 2019


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10 Tips for Maximizing Small Living Spaces

Posted by Scott Quinn // September 12, 2018

10 Tips for Maximizing Small Living Spaces How can you make the most out of your living space? With mobility on the rise and affordability getting worse, renters and homebuyers are frequently finding themselves living in tighter quarters than they’d like.   Whether you desperately crave to make your current space bigger, make a new home work for […]

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Posted by Scott Quinn // June 29, 2018

“Almost” Counts in Horseshoes!

Posted by Liz Quinn // December 31, 2017

  I heard a joke once that if you play a country song backwards you get your girlfriend back, your truck back, your dog back… all the sad country lyrics come back to you.    I feel like some of my 2017 year was like a sad country song but, at least my dog didn’t run […]

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4 Reasons You Should Hire A Property Manager

Posted by Scott Quinn // June 27, 2017

POSTED BY JD ESAJIAN // JUNE 19, 2017   One of the most difficult business dilemmas is whether to pay for a task you know you can do. Even though you can save some money by doing it yourself it is important to ask what you are giving up to do so. This is a […]

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Just A Suburban Mom

Posted by Liz Quinn // June 21, 2017

My kids used to like to say I was just a Suburban Mom.  After a while in dawned on me that for me “just being a Suburban Mom”, they were Suburban kids.  They were privileged, entitled with high expectations and limited view of the world and how it works and brought up in a fairly […]

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