The Five Problems a Homeowner Does Not Need to Fix Before Selling Their Scottsdale Home

The Five Problems a Homeowner Does Not Need to Fix Before Selling Their Scottsdale Home

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Selling Their Scottsdale HomeEveryone panics when they think of the long list of items they need to fix before selling their Scottsdale home.  Real estate agents and inspectors make Scottsdale homeowners nervous when they say they want the house to be in pristine condition to get a top dollar offer.  Even though many items do need to be updated or fixed when selling their Scottsdale house, here are many items that can be ignored to concentrate on larger problems.

Tiny Fixes

While the small problems in the Scottsdale house are the easiest ones to fix, they are not important to many buyers.  An inexperienced buyer is going to be impressed by clean floors and fresh paint, but most buyers do not care much about the scuffs on the floor or the outdated color of the walls.  They are looking for bigger problems with the electrical, plumbing, or foundation.

Big Renovations

Everyone always wants to renovate their bathroom or kitchen.  This does make the home look beautiful for potential buyers, but it can ultimately be a waste of money.  The homeowner will most likely not get the price of that renovation back when selling their Scottsdale home and the new owner is likely to make changes anyway.  Few people manage to complete a renovation that a buyer loves enough to keep.

Only Fixing Part of the Problem

It is an all or nothing world.  Do not only update one portion of a room.  Putting brand new appliances in a severely outdated and worn kitchen will only draw more attention to the parts of the kitchen that need help.  Update everything in the room or simply let the buyers decide what to update when they move in.


Most sellers paints their house before selling it.  If the owner does it themselves it can be hours of back-breaking work and frustration.  Choosing colors seems difficult but it really isn’t. Go for neutral tones. The bolder the color the more likely a buyer is going to dislike it.  In most cases, the buyer is going to repaint the entire house anyway.

Match the Neighborhood

A Scottsdale homeowner that has taken pride in their home and renovated it to extremes may be disappointed when they sell.  If the house is valued higher than the other homes in the Scottsdale area the homeowner is going to have a hard time making a sale.  The best house in the neighborhood does not attract more buyers as they are typically looking for the worst house in the best neighborhood.

Buyers want a good deal.  While the Scottsdale house may have a high value they do not want to pay more than they need to.  If another home in the neighborhood is in good condition and significantly cheaper they are going to make an offer on that one.  

When selling their Scottsdale home, sellers should not fret over every little thing that needs to be renovated.  It is important to take care of the big problems with the house.

Check the plumbing and fix any areas with leaks.  Any switches that no longer work should be looked at by an electrician.  The foundation has to be solid and the main structure of the house should show no signs of collapsing.  These are the problems that buyers are going to look for.

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