Glendale Home Sellers: 6 Surefire Ways to RUIN Your Sale

Glendale Home Sellers: 6 Surefire Ways to RUIN Your Sale

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Glendale Home Sellers

Glendale Home Sellers: 6 Surefire Ways to RUIN Your Sale

Glendale home sellers quickly realize how important every step of the process is. Even a seemingly small misstep can have big consequences that drag on the process. Which means that big missteps can prevent Glendale home sellers from completing a sale at all.

With that in mind, Glendale sellers will want to avoid these six problems when selling.

Family Smell

While it seems odd to say, every Glendale home has a smell.  Some homes smell good and others do not. Either way, people think of a certain person when they smell something that reminds them of their home.  When selling a Glendale home this lingering smell can make it hard to sell.

Some smells stick around. For example, smoking is one that is in clothing and furniture.  People who do not smoke can instantly tell when a home has owners who do.

Another problem smell is that of pets.  Regardless of how clean a person keeps their Glendale home, a pet is going to leave behind a bit of an odor.  

The best bet to determine whether or not your home has an odor is for Glendale home sellers to ask someone who does not visit often to come over and judge the smell of the home. Then you at least have a starting point as to if and how to address.


The beauty of owning a Glendale home is the ability to personalize.  Maybe you find a multi-color office is inspiring. Or that bright green workout room feels a lot more invigorating.  However, when it comes to selling a home, personalization has no room in the process.

Glendale home sellers will want to avoid leaving wacky paintings and thought-provoking art pieces hanging on the walls.  It is much better to be neutral so the buyers can imagine their own items in the home. Keep in mind that personal items only remind Glendale buyers that they are walking through a stranger’s home instead of inviting them to think of it as their next home.  

Difficult Schedules

No one can help it when their schedule just does not allow for a buyer to walk through the Glendale home that is for sale.  However, Glendale home sellers have to make every effort to make their home available at any time.

The worst thing to do is to tell a buyer to come back later.  Most buyers will not come back and they will find another property to buy.

Avoid Watching the Process

Most Glendale home sellers know that they should leave their house during a showing to make the buyers feel more at ease.  But some are not comfortable with this and set up cameras to watch the buyer’s every movement. Even if these cameras are disguised well the real estate agent may know they are there.

An agent does not want to upset a homeowner nor do they want to tell a buyer they are wrong.  Watching an agent show a house can lead to some hurt feelings if the agent says anything bad about the home.  An agent may avoid agreeing with a buyer which could offend them.

Overall, having cameras recording everything makes it stressful for a real estate agent to have to carefully construct everything they say about a house while being watched.

Not Leaving

Even though it is pretty common knowledge that Glendale buyers hate when sellers stick around during a showing there are still homeowners that do it.  No buyer wants to say what they really think about a home when the owner is standing there. They may not ask the questions that they have, either. Instead, they will be focused on leaving as soon as possible to escape the awkward situation.  

A Game of Pretend

This mistake can really be a big problem. Glendale home sellers that pretend to be a buyer or those that ask their friends to are really not helping the situation.  Other buyers are not going to be impressed by the obnoxious buyer who is walking around the home shouting about how beautiful this or that is. It is entirely distracting and may intimidate some buyers into leaving early.

Homeowners do crazy things to sell their Glendale home.  Sometimes these plans backfire and they make it that much harder to get the job done.

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