Just A Suburban Mom

Just A Suburban Mom

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My kids used to like to say I was just a Suburban Mom.  After a while in dawned on me that for me “just being a Suburban Mom”, they were Suburban kids.  They were privileged, entitled with high expectations and limited view of the world and how it works and brought up in a fairly secure, quiet, secluded neighborhood.   We did this on purpose though.  We wanted them to grow up here.  We wanted them to feel safe, have beautiful surroundings and not necessarily see all the ugly, crazy in the world.  We can’t shelter them forever but the very reason they felt I was “just a suburban mom” was the very reason we wanted them to grow up in this type of neighborhood.

We aren’t “just anything” though.  We’re moms/dads, aunts/uncles, brothers/sisters, cousins/friends.  We’re grandparents and doctors, lawyers, teachers, law enforcement officers, admins/managers, entrepreneurs and a million other things.

No one is “just” something or “just” has one identity –

Don’t settle and don’t let anyone tell you your “just” someone.  My kids no longer say this to me.  Mainly because once I pointed out that if I’m a suburban mom then they are suburban kids.   They don’t really like that.  Also, we had the discussion that no one is “just” something.  All of our worlds and lives are bigger than “just” one identity or label.

If you’re going to “just” be anything, then “just be happy!”

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