Landscaping 101 Before You Sell- What’ Important and What’s Not?

Landscaping 101 Before You Sell- What’ Important and What’s Not?

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“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” I understand this statement, but I can honestly say I don’t think I like it. Imagine you get one shot when you first meet someone, go someplace, invite someone out, start a job, join a gym… any number of things. What if you’re having a bad day? What if your alarm didn’t go off, or you got cut off in traffic? Your kid throws up on you? You got dressed in the dark or didn’t get to look in a mirror before you walk in somewhere. There are a million little things that can and will go wrong but if it’s the first time or opportunity you have at something, does that mean you’re going to be defined by that forever? I certainly hope not.  

So, let’s talk about your Landscaping, especially when selling your home. The front yard is the first thing your potential buyer is going to see when they pull up to your home. What does that first impression look like and what in the world can you do to shape it up and make that first impression last! The good news is you don’t have to be a horticulture specialist to have beautiful landscaping, nor do you have to have a thick wallet. Landscaping can be done on a budget with colorful shrubs and bushes that will add just the right pop to your yard.

Start with getting a few pictures of your yard at different angles. Know which way the sun goes around your home. Do you experience early morning sun in the front yard or late afternoon sun? Is there an irrigation system that’s working, or might you need a few repairs done on it, and are there plants, trees, or shrubs that need to be removed?  

Shopping at a local nursery and talking with the folks there, can be a great way to get advice. If you show them the pictures of the yard, let them know how much sun you get and when and if you’re hooked up to an irrigation system, they can usually help you determine what to plant and where. Lots of nurseries have designers that can help layout your yard and usually do this service for free. They can advise you on what type of plants, shrubs, trees to put where. They can help with the difference between perennials – which only need to be planted once – or annuals that you would need to rip and replace yearly. There are seasonal plants and times of the year where it’s better to plant one type of plant than another. Some plants may require lots of water where others are very drought tolerant. By seeking advice at the local nursery, you can save time, money, and headaches while getting free advice from an expert.

Mulch, pavers, gravel, and curbing can all add a nice touch around the ground cover and make things look clean and kept together. If you already have mulch or gravel, consider getting a new layer to freshen up the yard. 

Lots of times leaves and other debris have accumulated in the bed of the shrubs and plants and having a fresh layer brought in can clean up the underbrush.  

Make sure your front porch light is working and having a new Welcome Mat clearly shows the pride walking into your home. Before air conditioning, the front porch is where folks would sit after dinner to catch the breeze and nice evening air. Neighbors passing by might stop to talk or just the neighbor next door out on their porch was good entertainment. Don’t be hesitant to add a couple of chairs, porch swings, a small table or something fun to show how inviting your home is and get to know your neighbors!

Just cleaning up the yard, trimming the shrubs, bushes, trees, and plants can make a big difference in the first impression. As with the inside of your home, take pride in the outside. Let that first impression set the tone for what your potential buyers can expect when they walk into the house.

Landscaping doesn’t have to be hard, nor break the bank but it is important to have good curb appeal so your potential buyers are excited to get inside and see what other amazing things you have to show them.   

“Go out on a limb, that’s where the best fruit is.”  Mark Twain

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