Overcoming the Challenges of Selling a Small Scottsdale Home

Overcoming the Challenges of Selling a Small Scottsdale Home

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Small Scottsdale Home

Overcoming the Challenges of Selling a Small Scottsdale Home

In a day and age where bigger is better, it can feel hopeless to own a small Scottsdale home.  Few people are looking for smaller Scottsdale homes and opting for houses that are large and sprawling.  

At least, that has been the trend over the last few years.  Now, minds are changing and people are looking back towards smaller and cheaper homes.  In fact, there are many buyers on the Scottsdale market looking for the perfect small home. So if this describes your Scottsdale home, it is time to advertise what that small home has to offer.

Better Prices

A smaller Scottsdale home means smaller utility bills, lower insurance prices, and lower tax costs.  Sellers will want to have all the paperwork ready. Show the monthly costs for the home. Home buyers who have lived in a larger house will see the difference immediately.  

Play up the reduced cost of owning a smaller home.  The real estate agent can point out how cost effective it is to live in a small Scottsdale home during the walkthrough.

Easy To Care For

Some Scottsdale home buyers need a smaller home because they are getting older and cannot take care of a large home.  Others simply do not want to take care of a big lawn and house.

Smaller Scottsdale homes have less space and less to care for.  This makes maintenance faster, easier, and cheaper.


The best way to pull in more people is to advertise a house that is energy-efficient.  People love to see new appliances that are energy-efficient because they are going to save money on their utility bills.

Pair this with needing to cool a smaller area and they are going to be paying much less than if they were in a large house. Keep in mind that making energy-efficient choices when doing renovations can help sell the house in the long run.

Redefine Space

The biggest worry a home buyer will have with a small Scottsdale home is the size of the house.  A smaller home has less space to put items in. But point out that any homeowner can admit they do not need or use everything in their house.  In reality, it is easy to fit everything into a smaller home if a person gets rid of the excess junk they do not need.

To advertise the space the home does have the Scottsdale house must be clean.  This means sellers must clean, organize and declutter every area in the house. Do not have any extra items laying on tables or shelves unless they are meant to be there.  Clutter will make a Scottsdale home buyer think there is not enough storage space.

When showing the Scottsdale home, open up the curtains and let light flow in.  If all of the windows are uncovered it will give an illusion of more space in the rooms.  

Also keep in mind that a well-designed room goes a long way.  Arrange furniture so there is maximum floor space available without making anyone feel crowded.

Selling a small Scottsdale home is just like selling a larger home.  Emphasizing the money that can be saved through a smaller floor plan and energy-efficient appliances will get buyers on board financially.  Let them know how well-maintained the Scottsdale home is and how little maintenance will be needed. Finally, ‘wow’ them with how much room is in the small house and a homeowner is sure to get an offer from eager buyers.

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