Phoenix Home Sellers: Steps to Take Before Listing a House to Help Sells Fast

Phoenix Home Sellers: Steps to Take Before Listing a House to Help Sells Fast

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Phoenix Home SellersThere a many reasons a Phoenix homeowner may want to sell their property. Despite the reason for selling, all Phoenix home sellers want to sell quickly and for a boat-load of cash. Thankfully, there are ways to help the sale go smoothly.

Following these six steps can help Phoenix home sellers snag great offers from buyers in a timely-manner.

Consider Staging

The word “staging” is often daunting to Phoenix home sellers. But the reality is that staging helps a Phoenix home sell fast. Homes that are staged sell four times quicker than a home that is unstaged. In addition to selling faster, it also usually also sells for more.

Buyers love a staged Phoenix home and want to make a solid offer to ensure they are going to win out against the competition.

Even though staging is very helpful to Phoenix home sellers, it can be expensive. Most staging companies charge at least three hundred dollars to six hundred dollars to simply walk through the home. After that initial charge, there is a fee of five to six hundred dollars per room to stage.  

This amount of money is not feasible for many Phoenix home sellers. So with this in mind, there is a new staging technique that is becoming popular: virtual staging.

Virtual staging is done by using pictures of empty rooms and digitally adding in furniture to make the rooms appealing. It helps to bring buyers in to walk through the home but costs only one hundred dollars per room.

Work Outside In

The outside of the Phoenix house is so important during a showing. Nothing turns off a buyer like a poorly kept yard or a Phoenix home that has not been properly maintained. Make sure to keep the yard trimmed, maintain any bushes or trees, and do some general upkeep on the outside of the house.

The roof and siding should be in good shape. Make sure the sidewalk and siding of the house has been cleaned and is free of dirt. The windows should be sparkling, and even the mailbox should be standing upright.

Prove that care has gone into this Phoenix home by taking care of the first part of the house that a buyer will see.

Move to the Digital Age

It was common practice to send a letter to neighbors when a home was being put on the market. This helped to advertise to locals that may be interested in the property. However, this has become obsolete. Using this technique costs money and is not as effective as it use to be.

Instead of sending a letter, use social media. Many people check their social media daily and even multiple times a day. Advertising a house on social media can help many people see the property without much effort. Be sure to include a great blurb about the house, pictures, and even videos.

Leverage Natural and Artificial Lighting

A dark house is gloomy and buyers will not feel welcomed. Before a showing, open all of the curtains to let in as much natural light as possible. If a room does not have a good source of natural light, be sure to have brighter light bulbs in place and turned on. A bright home is going to be more appealing for a buyer to walk through.

Save the Buyer Money

Every buyer wants to know what the utilities cost for a house. If the buyer is coming from a different town, the costs may be vastly different. They also love to hear the words energy-efficient because energy-efficient upgrades and appliances save the buyer money.

Buyers are more likely to make a higher offer on a Phoenix house that is energy-efficient. In the long run, they know they are going to be saving money on their bills and want that lower price. Buyers do not want to install these upgrades themselves. Moving into a home that is already updated is a big perk.

Start Advertising Early

Always get people talking about a property before listing. It can help create a buyer frenzy. People want something that they cannot have. Advertising a house and showing a few great photos will make buyers want to look inside. Be sure to generate a little bit of excitement on social media before listing the home.

To sell a house fast, Phoenix home sellers must be ready to put out a lot of effort. It is not going to be an easy task. There is more to the process than simply sticking a “for sale” sign in the yard. But the more proactive you are prior to listing, the smoother the overall process can be.

And if you need to sell your Phoenix home fast, our team can help. We can offer cash deals which means we can get you out of your home ASAP. Working with our team ensures a fast and easy process. Call us today to see how we can help.

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