How Scottsdale Home Sellers Prevent Their Home from Selling

How Scottsdale Home Sellers Prevent Their Home from Selling

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Scottsdale Home SellersIt is a great time for Scottsdale home sellers looking to sell a house.  In some areas, Scottsdale sellers are seeing a sale as soon as they go on the market.  

That being said, this does not mean it will be the case for every Scottsdale seller.  Even though the market can be favorable for Scottsdale home sellers they can still be surprised when their home does not sell.  

With this in mind, Scottsdale home sellers will want to avoid making the following mistakes when it comes time to sell.

Being Overconfident

Scottsdale home sellers who expect the market to do the work for them are going to realize that this is a mistake.  Despite a large pool of buyers looking for a home, it does not mean they are willing to buy anything that is simply listed on the Scottsdale market.  

Avoid starting off on the wrong foot and stage the home before putting it up on the Scottsdale market.


A seller’s market is welcomed by Scottsdale sellers. These conditions can drive prices up while also making it easier to sell a house.  

But despite a shortage of homes for sale, that does not mean the price that is set can be too high.  In other words, overpricing a home is not going to help it sell fast.

Thanks to the access to information today, Scottsdale buyers will know if a house is overpriced.  If the home is similar to others in the neighborhood in quality and in price they will pay. However, if the price is much higher than similar Scottsdale homes, they will most likely keep looking.  

Using Bad Photos

Your home photos can make or break a deal. And potential buyers have a very easy time finding listings on real estate websites. It does not take long to decide if it is worth scheduling a viewing.  

A wonderful photo of a Scottsdale house and a terrible photo of a house is a make or break situation.  Having a well-staged home, good lighting, a great angle and a good camera make all of the difference.

Overlooking Updates

We get it – Scottsdale home sellers do not want to spend more money on a house that they are not going to experience.  Unfortunately, Scottsdale buyers will be looking for newer updates. Making a few simple updates can help Scottsdale buyers be more interested in the house, offer more and ultimately sell the house quicker.  

When considering what steps to take, Scottsdale will want to consider that the best updates are ones that will generate a solid return on investment.  Updates like replacing door handles, changing out old light fixtures or fans, and painting rooms a neutral color can be a good start. These fixes can provide the most bang for the buck.  

Dated Appliances

Old appliances can turn off buyers.  There are many homes that are on the Scottsdale market that are similar in condition but include new appliances.  If the appliances are too old or do not work, Scottsdale home sellers will want to consider replacing.

Overlooking Paperwork

When selling a Scottsdale house, no detail is too small. And the title is an important part of the process.  It is the paperwork that shows who owns the home at that time.

A problem with the title can make a Scottsdale buyer nervous about going through with a transaction.  Some problems with titles are simple fixes and others take more time.

This is why Scottsdale home sellers will want to uncover a title problem before putting on the market.  This way they will be in a position to take care of or convey any issues to potential buyers.

Prepping a Scottsdale house to sell is well worth the time and money spent on the project.  It can bring in higher offers from buyers and help the home sell quickly. To create a successful situation, take the time to put in the effort to sell the home, use professional pictures, and always have the home walk-through ready.  

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