Think About THESE When Thinking About a Scottsdale Fixer-Upper

Think About THESE When Thinking About a Scottsdale Fixer-Upper

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Scottsdale Fixer-UpperBuyers who seek Scottsdale fixer-upper properties can find wonderful homes for a cheap price.  At the same time, there are many who buy a Scottsdale home with expectations that turn out to be completely different than reality.  Scottsdale fixer-uppers are not for the passive homeowner. They will take a good chunk of money and a lot of work to make a house that is worth living in.

A Scottsdale Fixer-Upper

While shopping for a Scottsdale fixer-upper it is good to keep in mind that no two people view the term the same.  Some may consider a Scottsdale home that needs a new roof a fixer-upper. Meanwhile, someone else may have let multiple large projects fall to the wayside before they considered selling their home a Scottsdale fixer-upper as well.  Many properties will be ones that have been foreclosed on and those usually need the most help.

The Base

Never buy a Scottsdale house that does not have a good base.  There are different aspects of the home to consider to determine if the overall structure of the home is worth saving or if the home is a waste of money.  A buyer must concentrate on the roof and the foundation of the main structure. Check the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems for the basic functions of the home.

Look past any new updates that are purely cosmetic.  It does not matter how beautiful the bathroom is if the pipes need to be repaired or replaced.  Similarly, if the roof is damaged that posh living room may not look so good when rain is leaking onto the carpet.  The structure is the main aspect of the home to worry about.

Some Problems With Plumbing

It is okay if a Scottsdale home needs a little work on the plumbing.  It is not realistic to think that a home that is advertised as a fixer-upper will have immaculate plumbing.  However, steer clear of a house that needs entirely new plumbing.

A homeowner can replace faucets and sinks.  They can even get new fixtures like a bathtub.  However, replacing pipes is a big undertaking. Focus on the plumbing problems that are easy to fix.  If anything is out of the homeowner’s basic abilities it could be an expensive problem to take on.

The Flow

Buyers must consider the flow of the rooms.  All houses are going to have the basic rooms like living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms.  It is the layout of the house that makes these rooms appealing or unappealing.

Many families like to have a more open floor plan.  It makes it easier to keep an eye on the children while going about the rest of the day.  Older homes tend to favor more closed-off spaces. This means the rooms are likely to be down the hall and it will be hard to converse unless in the same room.  The only fix for this is tearing down walls. Which is a project some people will take on but it is expensive and time consuming.

Unwelcome “Residents”

A Scottsdale house that has sat empty for a while could have extra tenants hiding within.  Insects, rodents, and even old materials like asbestos are key items to look for.

Some pests are easier to control than others.  If there is a problem with a certain type of pest contact a local Scottsdale pest service to see what the cost will be to fix the issue.  Some damage from pests is hard to access and will cost a lot to repair.

Empty Home Problems

Scottsdale houses that sit empty unexpectedly are not well cared for.  This can be extremely damaging to the house.

The homeowner also needs to take precautions to avoid getting unwanted pests.  Check how long a house has been vacant before making an offer.

Buyers like the idea of getting a Scottsdale fixer-upper.  Most are bought for an under-market price. If the house has minimal problems that the previous homeowner simply did not want to deal with it can be a steal.  The buyer can renovate and make the home their own. However, a home that has been severely neglected may have larger problems lurking that make it difficult to make the home livable.  

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